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We have had excellent homing results as a result of potential new owners seeing the pictures of cats for re-homing on this site. All cats offered for rehoming have had full health checks and in most cases, have had blood tests - for further specific details, please ask.


Updated 13-08-2016



These cats are in Billingshurst W.Sussex

Alfie is about six years old, neutered and will shortly be having his booster jab. He is a lovely affectionate boy albeit a little shy at first, but as you know, it's quite hard to find homes for black cats.  Alfie has found two since he's been with us: he came back from his first home after only 48 hours because the family said that he was "too fast" and the second home only lasted for 24 hours, as they said he had had not settled! In either case, it was hardly enough time for poor Alfie to adjust.  We would still dearly love him to have his own home and family. Alfie is fine with other cats and dogs.


Alfie is such a lovely boy - PLEASE give him a chance for happiness.

f you would like to know more about Alfie, please initially email us at and also include your address which will speed up your enquiry.

PATCH is 3 years old and is looking for a new home. She came into the charity because she was fighting with the two other cats in the household where she was living and also chasing the family dog!  So Patch does not get on with other cats or with dogs and will need a home where she can be an 'only pet'. She's can be a bit grumpy with people; she will allow you to fuss her but may well then take a swipe at you!  She is a female tortie tabby and is neutered and up to date with her vaccinations.  We're quite sure there's somebody out there who's up for the challenge of winning Patch's affection, someone who has perhaps previously had cats with 'attitude' and knows how rewarding it is when such a puss accepts you as 'her' person.

If you would like to know more about Patch, please initially email us at and also include your address which will speed up your enquiry.

Kira is a young cat, who came in with her litter of kittens. The kittens were all homed and Kira has been spayed and is up-to-date with her vaccinations. She has also now had a dental.

Kira is unusual in that she has extra toes on her front feet. She appears to have a problem with men and for this reason we are looking for a female-only household for her. She is fine with other cats.

If you would like to find out more about Kira, please initially email us at and also include your address which will speed up your enquiry.

Coco (left) is a three-legged tabby and Dior is a Persian/Burmese cross. They are six years old and came to us because their owner no longer had the time to devote to them. They have been kept as indoor cats. Coco was spayed when she came to us but Dior was not, so we have had this done and they have both completed their courses of vaccinations.

They are affectionate cats and are very close, so must be homed together.

If you would like to know more about them, please initially email us at and also include your address which will speed up your enquiry.


The following cats are not Caring for Cats cats but we have been asked to display them on our website

Edward is a six year old Brown Spotted Savannah cat and he is neutered and fully vaccinated. He came to me because he was not getting on with the other cat in the household.

Edward would suit a home with someone that has experience of exotic breeds. He is looking for a home without any other cats although he gets on with dogs.

If you, or anyone you know, are interested in finding out more about Edward, or would like to offer him a permanent home, please phone or text Andrea Charlwood in Billingshurst in West Sussex on 07745 802517

 I am sadly looking to rehome our two 8 year old cats. A year ago a bulldog came to live with us and our cats have still not adjusted and have a pretty miserable quality of life hiding in a bedroom.  I feel the kindest thing to do is to try and find them a loving home without a dog, they are very affectionate and missing out on any attention as still are terrified by the dog.It really does break my heart as I adore them but feel their lives are pretty miserable owing to the dog - I was so hoping they would all get used to each other.

Buttons (tabby) male, neutered and fully vaccinated - takes a while to get to know people but then very affectionate, feisty nature and the more adventurous of the two ( has been known to fight with neighbours cat) Has had a sensitive tummy in past so is on an allergy food, although he seems fine over the last few years. I am now far less strict and he often shares the other’s food without any problems.

Whiskers (white) female, also 8yrs, neutered and vaccinated. So affectionate, very gentle nature.
Both were rescue bottle fed kittens, both take off if the house is busy with visitors but all over you the rest of the time - would suit a quieter household.

Thanks so much for your help…. Sophie
I live in Pulborough and can be contacted by email : or mobile: 0787 6354379

We have some beautiful kittens who will be looking for their homes in about 2 weeks time - please call/text Andrea on 07745 802517
They will have been wormed, flead, vaccinated and microchipped

Annie came to us with her kitten who has now been homed. Annie and her kitten were picked up from a lady with health problems. The lady had telephoned her local vets to ask for help with them and was given Andrea’s phone number.

Annie is spayed and vaccinated. She has a beautiful temperament and is fine with other cats but we don’t know about dogs.

If you would like to find out more about Annie, please initially email us at and also include your address which will speed up your enquiry.